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July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse

Lunar-eclipse experiments & activities

Free Live Lunar Eclipse Webcast from Bareket Observatory
2011 June 15th

Try your luck in real hands on Lunar-eclipse experiements!
Bareket Observatory's website will also feature a section on astronomical experiments and activities related to the eclipse, giving viewers a chance to conduct their own science projects using the live lunar eclipse feed.
Educational institutions and individuals will be able to conduct real-time astronomy projects while interacting with others from around the world.
Lunar eclipse webcast - general information page (English)

Lunar eclipse hands on experiements :
[use the upper-left flag in order to translate the following materials]

1. Angular velocity - calculating Earth's shadow in space

2. Measuring the approximate diameter of the moon - using your hands & ruler

3. Creating a time sequence movie of the lunar eclipse

4. Calculating the distance to the moon - during Lunar eclipse, using simple mathematics

5. Measuring the diameter of the moon - during Lunar eclipse

6. Why does the moon changes its color to red in visible wavelength during lunar eclipse?

* We invite you to send us your translations for the hands on eclipse activities .
Use the upper-left flag on the observatoy's site in order to translate the materials to your language, send us your final tweaks, for posting on-line.
Participants are invited to share the results of their projects on the website of partner Astronomers Without Borders or via their Facebook account at the live event web page.
For more information visit:
'Astronomers without borders' (AWB) website

lunar_eclipse_scheme איור סכימה תרשים ליקוי ירח ליקוי לבנה
Lunar eclipse flash presentation (Hebrew
Lunar eclipse image gallery

* Watch video of a recent Bareket Observatory program on the 'NASA Deep Space webcast'

* We are pleased to announce the launch of the Astro-Edu network, a free state-of-the-art astronomy education database for teachers, students and the general public.
Among the goals of AStro-Edu is increased communication and understanding within the population of the Middle East using astronomy as the catalyst. Astro-Edu net can be translated to more than 60 different languages using the integrated translation module (move your cursor over the flag in the upper left to translate the materials).
Visit Astro-Edu at http://www.bareket-astro.com/astronet

* Explore the universe - Bareket’s educational Internet telescope



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