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July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse

Venus Transit Online - experiements & activities

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Free Live Venus transit Webcast from Bareket Observatory
2012 June 6th

Try your luck in real hands on Venus-transit experiements!

Bareket Observatory's website will also feature a section on astronomical experiments and activities related to the transit, giving viewers a chance to conduct their own science projects using the live venus-transit feed.

Educational institutions and individuals will be able to conduct real-time astronomy projects while interacting with others from around the world.

This special webcast took place from 02.33 - 04.56 UTC (GMT) June 6  - (05.33 - 07.56 Israel local time) click on the link for your local time.

* Live Venus transit page (you'll be automatically transfered to the live images, during the event):


Experiments and activities related to the transit of Venus;

Measuring the diameter of the sun with your hands and bar
Measuring the distance to the sun and Venus during the live venus-transit webcast
Measuring the diameter of the sun and the planet Venus during the live webcast
Make a time sequence movie of the planet Venus across the sun

- Build a sundial and measure the passage of time
- Why the sky is blue?

Animation: Images from the 2004 Venus transit. 



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