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The degree of brightness of an object in the sky according to a scale on which the brightest star has a magnitude -1.4 and the faintest visible star has magnitude 6. Sometimes referred to as apparent magnitude. In this scale, each number is 2.5 times the brightness of the previous number. Thus a star with a magnitude of 1 is 100 times brighter than on with a visual magnitude of 6.


A measure of the total amount of matter contained within an object


Small particle of rock or dust that burns away in the Earth's atmosphere

Meteor shower is an event where a large number of meteors enter the Earth's atmosphere from the same direction in space at nearly the same time.

Motor Drive
מנוע חשמלי
החצובה עליה רוכב הטלסקופ. ראה הרחבה במאמר לבחירת טלסקופ.