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#1 דניאל נוימן 2017-01-03 14:25
שלום רב,
יצרתי איתכם קשר לפני כמה ימים לגביי טלסקופ מקסוטוב-ניוטוני , שאני שוקל להזמין ושאני מחפש חצובה מתאימה לו. הנה המפרט הטכני על הטלסקופ לפי מה שמופיע באתר:
Alter MN78 F/8 Maksutov Newtonian

This telescopes are no longer Serial Productions , they are made only on customers special wish and order and requirements, so they are fully custommade telescopes now.

7"F/8 ( 180F/1440) Maksutov Newtonian. This is the newest version of INTES MICRO Telescopes, a Maksutov Newtonian with only 13.4 % central obstruction, small enough to show not anymore any diffrence to a same size colorfree apochromat.

Field of view is enough for 1.25" eyepieces, *focuse is enough to use CCD Cameras with smaller sizes chips. The scope comes in cremewhite paint and 2" Russian focuser with adapter 2"/1.25".

At the rear of primary mirror cell is attached a 12 volt colling fan and the cell of meniscuslens is holespaced for ctive cooling too.

The tuberings have on top a guidingscope mount plate and on bottom as standart a Losmandy G11 rail ( other rails are possible).

I think, no other catadioptric telescope can come closer to an real apochromat in contrast and performance.

Delivered with order:
• optical tube
• 8x50 illuminatable finder
• piggy * camera mount
• tube-rotating-r ing with flat mountingplate
• Russian 2" Crayfordfocuser with adapter 2"/1.25"
• 12 Volt cooling fan at rear

Technical Datas:
• Aperture: 180 mm
• Focal length: 1440 mm
• F-*io: F/8
• secondary diameter: 24 mm
• tubediameter: 219 mm
• tubelenght: 1400 mm
• tube weight: 14 kg = 30,8lbs
• central obstruction: 13.4% of diameter
• * focuse over 2" focuser adapter: 14 mm
• Reflection of mirrors: 96%
• Material of mirrors: Pyrex
• Photographic Field of view: 1° 35"


Model Alter MN78

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