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Bareket Internet telescope - SNR calculator

Calculate the optimal exposure time for the Bareket observatory's telescopes

If you want to see the equations governing the calculations, try this article by Steve Howell.

Filter: This calculator uses Bessell filters, which are close to Johnson UBV, Cousins RI.
Mag Limits: List values for magnitudes between: and at intervals of mag.
Telescope diameter: 0.375m 0.508cm

CCD Choose among these (3 buttons must be selected)
CCD Overall QE Pixelsize ("/pix) RON (e-)
Bin 1x1 0.7 0.48 10
Bin 2x2 0.7 1.6 20

Sky brightness: (mag per sq. arcsec)
Exposure time: (seconds)
FWHM: (arcsec)
Radius for photometry: area over which signal is measured (arcsec):

You may have to wait 10-20 seconds for result.

Adapted from the signal-to-noise calculator by Dr. Michael Richmond at Rochester Institute of Technology.
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